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Elderly Care & Companion Services in Syracuse, New York

Elders, Companion Services in Syracuse, NY

At Options For Independent Living in Syracuse, New York, we are committed to providing elderly care that helps them maintain their dignity and remain independent for as long as possible.

You Do Have Options

The pattern for long-term care begins with independence in the home, progressing to the need for companion care, nursing care, and possible placement in a long-term care facility.

Although long-term care facilities are often the last stop in the continuum of care, many people are afraid of this reality, and the closer we get to old age, the more fearful we may become.


The truth is that many elders end up in long-term care facilities before they need to because they or their families reach a point where they feel they have no other options. In Central New York, however, you have Options For Independent Living.

Supporting Independence

At Options For Independent Living, we support independence and dignity in the aging process by providing companion services from hourly or live-in caregivers. This service allows elders to remain in their own homes, maintain a higher quality of life, and have as much autonomy as possible. Through this service, we minimize the loneliness and fear often associated with old age.

For medically stable clients who need supervision, maintenance care, or companionship, we provide a variety of services. We provide care for patients suffering from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Additionally, we also offer service to short-term clients in need of help while recovering from surgery, illness, or injury, and work in conjunction with health-related services when needed.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Options For Independent Living brings relief and peace of mind to families who care deeply for their elders, but find the realities of that care overwhelming, or simply may be too far away to care for their loved one themselves. We are not a franchise-owned business, which allows us to provide personalized care. For your protection, our locally owned business is licensed and insured.

Visit us in Syracuse, New York, or contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss our elderly companion services.

Assessments & Consultations Are Available Free of Charge

We accept cash, check, and some long-term care insurance plans.